What is Merlin Project?

Merlin Project is the leading project management software for the Mac, and is used by many tens of thousands of happy customers across all industries. They love our software as it's professional, easy to learn, and offers virtually limitless expansion possibilities. Merlin Project for macOS is the answer to all your questions when it comes to planning, managing, and controlling your projects - with just a few clicks.

Work Breakdown

The heart of project planning.

Activities and Milestones
Every project starts with a plan. It's even better still when this plan is also structured according to a useful hierarchy. Merlin Project lets you create complex procedural structures with dependencies between individual activities and groups, set the duration of individual activities, and define fixed milestones - all within minutes. You will be awestruck at how an accurate project plan develops right before your eyes, just like magic.
Time Planning and Costs
You can define much more than just the project plan in the project's work breakdown - it's also your time- and cost-planning tool in Merlin Project. Use it to enter your budgets and the actual costs for activities, respond to time-plan changes, and update your project's progress. Doing so gives you complete oversight of your plan at all times, allowing you to take targeted action in response to changes.

If you regularly plan projects which are similar or have recurring structures, you don't need to start from scratch each time with Merlin Project. Instead, simply store your recurring structural components in Merlin Project's Library to use it for a new project at the single click of a mouse button. This lets you populate entire projects in a flash using the Library. Hopefully you already know what you're going to do with all the time you've freed-up.

Net Plan

Consider things from a different perspective

Net Plan
Merlin Project's Net Plan lets you turn your full attention to the dependencies of activities on each other. The logical display of relationships between activities helps you when entering the project's underlying structure - and of course when reviewing the critical path.

Mind Map
When planning a project, do you prefer the visual way of doing things or do you often plan projects together with customers? With the Mind Map in Merlin Project, you have precisely the right tool. Create a conceptual version of your project plan as a mind map, and Merlin Project will transfer automatically what you have entered to the project's work breakdown.

Organizational Chart
If you prefer structured thinking, you will love our organizational chart. With it, you will grasp the hierarchical makeup of your project plan in a snap. And by the way, this kind of presentation is a standard in project management.


Manage employees and materials correctly

No Resources -- No Project
Merlin Project offers you extensive tools to manage every resource in all your projects: People, companies, materials, and equipment. For instance, here you can specify hourly rates and standard working hours for employees, letting you plan the duration and cost of activities with accuracy. And of course, this also goes for planning the completion party!


The quickest way to your goal each and every time

Who is doing what, when - and how much? And more importantly: Can you better utilize existing resources and get tasks done more quickly in the process? These and many other questions are answered by the Assignments view. It shows you at a glance who is doing what when and how much they are doing, and how you could perhaps distribute tasks better.


As varied as your customers' requirements

Modular structure
It doesn't matter what information your boss or customer wants, Merlin Project prepares the info you need in a flash - and saves it as a report that is ready to present right there and then. If required, every single piece of information is included in the right place in your report. You can also add further details using your own notes to round off the selected information.

Charts and more
Assemble your reports as the situation demands or to suit your preferences. Assorted charts supplement the basic data-list and text modules. Without a doubt, the Project View offers you the greatest level of flexibility. You can include every view you create in a report - giving you almost limitless opportunities to impress others, and not just your boss.


The smart way to store additional information

Just like adding an attachment to an email
Whenever you want to manage additional information in your project and assign specific activities, the six different attachments are your first port of call in Merlin Project. Create checklists as well as events including attendees, attach files, report and manage problems that arise, and manage activity-specific risks - including the risk class, impact, and probability of occurrence.


Merlin Project 4: £ 299


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