mimoLive Personal/Education (download, 1 year updates) (box): £159.00
mimoLive Commercial (download, 1 year updates) (box): £569.00
mimoLive Broadcast (download, 1 year updates) (box): £1639.00


System requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.11
A dedicated graphics card is recommended



mimoLive Private/Education new version 4.2

Application Systems announces the availability of the new version 4.2 of mimoLive Personal/Education (download, 1 year updates) for the Mac. The new version can be downloaded from:

New Features include:
- New: Assign any audio mix to the output destinations for Live Streaming, File Recording, NDI® Playout, BMD Playout and Audio Aux.
- New: Moved audio mix configuration to a separate window.
- New: The output destinations can be controlled via HTTP API. (e.g. lets you set the file path of a file recording output destination via a remote HTTP command)
- New: Added a Source Performance Monitor. Useful if there are issues with the video sources.
- New: Audio Output Destinations now support downmixing to one physical device output channel.
- New: Added a Box layer.
- Enhancement: Updated the NDI® framework to version 3.5 and adjusted some UI accordingly.
- Enhancement: Made the playout of video sources more stable.
- Fixed: Audio channel mapping was not restored when using the system default devices.
- Fixed: macOS provided video filters weren’t stored in the mimoLive document anymore.
- Fixed: Apple AirPods and other Bluetooth enabled headsets with built-in microphone damaged the Audio Output Destination beyond repair if selected simultaneously as output device and input device. A restart of mimoLive was necessary.
- Fixed: Streaming to Akamai was broken.
- Fixed: Some source types wheren’t previewed correctly.
- Fixed: Glitch in the Remote Control Surface when using the Flying Text layer: The text wasn’t shown properly when the remote was loaded.
- Fixed: The Facebook likes layer won’t count down if someone removed their “like”.
- Fixed: Static Text layer didn’t rotate the text with the background box.
- Fixed: Leaking memory when using Screen Capture Source or Web Browser Source.


mimoLive Private/Education new version 4.1

Application Systems announces the availability of the new version 4.1 of mimoLive Personal/Education (download, 1 year updates) for the Mac. The new version can be downloaded from:

New Features include:
• Important: Facebook comments are currently disabled pending a review from Facebook.
• New: Sources in the Source Repository are sorted into folders and can be reordered for a better overview.
• New: A Web Browser capture source with transparency support makes it easy to bring web content such as game widgets, chat rooms or HTML/JavaScript/CSS based broadcast graphics into your production.
• New: If your audio interface supports multiple channels, you can now select which channels are used for playout in the Audio Output destinations.
• New: Sources can be now be removed even if they are assigned in a Layer.
• Enhancement: NDI devices are now sorted alphabetically.
• Enhancement: Facebook Likes layer shows reactions immediately.
• Enhancement: iOS Demo Layer has be updated with iPhone X graphics.
• Enhancement: If you specify custom NDI Send Groups to filter for devices, the “Public” group is now included by default.
• Enhancement: Undo/Redo now works for sources and other layer parameters.
• Fixed: mimoCall client: When switching video sources this caused a freeze of the video feed.
• Fixed: NDI sources failed to restore when opening a document immediately after launching mimoLive.
• Fixed: Streaming Output destinations did falsely report the encoder being too slow.
• Fixed: Working with filters sometimes blocked the app.
• Fixed: Crash when working with Layer Settings.
• Fixed: Crash when closing a document with a Window Capture Source active.
• Fixed: Encoding problem with umlaut characters in the Remote Surface Title.


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