The Movies Stunts and Effects (box): £12.49
The Movies Superstar Edition (download) (box): £13.50 (£13.99)
The Movies: Superstar Edition (box): £13.99
The Movies (box): £14.99


System requirements:

  • DVD drive
  • Mac OS X 10.4.0
  • 1.7GHz G4
  • 1GB HDD
  • 512MB RAM


The Movies Stunts and Effects

Expansion pack

The long awaited expansion pack for The Movies.

Use "Freecam Mode" to take control of the camera and set up the shots for every scene. Add incredible special effects to your films, including explosions, shattering glass, destructible cars and miniature models. Manage Stuntmen and Stars through death-defying stunts, write stunt scrips and assign stunt doubles. Dress your sets down to the last detail with new backdrops, costumes, props, vehichles and aircraft.


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