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Exhibeo (download)

Freeway 7

Create Retina web galleries and slideshows with Exhibeo

Create responsive websites on your Mac without writing any code

Using Exhibeo is simple. Drop in your images, select a theme, publish. There's no coding required and each theme has heaps of options to choose from. Exhibeo's output can be used on any website - just copy/paste the markup and upload the files.

Creating working prototypes and gorgeous production-level websites in Freeway is simple. Just draw your content on the page like you would in your favorite image editing or page layout application, and Freeway will automatically turn it into clean, standards-based, and semantic markup that works perfectly across all browsers and platforms.




10.07.2015 - Freeway new version 7.1 [more...]
11.06.2015 - Freeway New Templates for Freeway available [more...]
11.03.2015 - Exhibeo new version 1.1.3 [more...]
04.02.2013 - Freeway new version 6 [more...]
25.08.2010 - Freeway new version 5.5 [more...]


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