Splee & GlÝb prototype download

Thanks for your interest in Splee & GlÝb

NOTE: The downloads here contain an early prototype (version 0.1.2) of the game. Everything you see is still work in progress.

You can register for product updates. We will then send you an email notification when we update the prototype. We will create a public forum later on and will let you know when you can participate. There is no need for Kickstarter backers to register. We will update you through Kickstarter updates. If you would like to be on our mailing list fill in the email address and send the form.

Splee & GlÝb for Windows (Click to download)
Splee & GlÝb for Macintosh (Click to download)
Splee & GlÝb for Unbuntu Linux (Click to download)

Known issues

  • When the host player tabs out of the game, the client player's game freezes until the host returns
  • Minor rounding errors occur in Goo spent when healing monsters
  • Some event and feedback sounds are missing

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