TechTool Pro 10 (download): £89.99


System requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.10
  • Mac OS X 10.11
  • Mac OS X 10.12
  • Mac OS X 10.13
  • 1024MB RAM

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TechTool Pro 10

Hardware diagnostics, drive repair and daily maintenance for your Mac.

New In TechTool Pro 10

Better disk repair

We'll bet that many of you have flash drives, memory cards, even hard disks that aren't formatted for Mac. Techtool Pro 10 now supports testing and repair of MS-DOS (FAT32) and ExFAT formatted volumes. This means that you can now test and repair those memory cards from your camera, or that thumb drive your friend gave you with all those important files. Avoid losing your precious pictures - find out if those cards and drives have problems before you run into data loss.

On top of that, testing the start up volume is now available for both Mac OS Extended and APFS without starting up from the eDrive.

Results on the go

Techtool Pro now supports iCloud Drive. Simply download the new Techtool Remote iOS app (free on the App Store), and open it. Techtool Pro will then send test results to any iOS device logged in to the same iCloud account. So if you have a long test (or tests) running that you want to know the results of, but you need to hit the road, you can now get notified of your results anywhere you have an internet connection.

iPhone or iPad battery

Test your
Recent reports have shown that battery condition can affect the performance of your iPhone and iPad. If your iOS device is connected to your Mac, Techtool Pro can now test your device's battery, and give you a host of other important battery data as well. Find out if your iPhone or iPad is running at its full potential.

More control at your fingertips

eDrive and Surface Scan now give you more flexibility. Need your eDrive to be a big larger for additional applications or files? The eDrive tool now gives you the option of selecting a larger size partition. Want to scan a particular portion of your drive for bad blocks? Surface Scan can now start at any location on your disk.

Learn More

To learn more about TechTool Pro's other features, click here.

To order a new copy or upgrade from your current version, click here.

TechTool Pro is feature-packed with benefits that all Mac users need for comprehensive diagnostics, repair, and maintenance. To ensure your Mac stays optimized and trouble-free, make sure you use TechTool Pro regularly and keep your Mac running at peak performance.

System Requirements:
Intel-based Macs
OS X 10.10 up to macOS 10.13 'High Sierra'
1 GB RAM or higher

Note: Data Recovery may not recover data in all circumstances. For best results, enable TechTool Protection before data loss.
In most cases, data recovery is not possible on Solid State Drives (SSDs).


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