TechTool Pro 10 (download): £89.99


System requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.10
  • Mac OS X 10.11
  • Mac OS X 10.12
  • Mac OS X 10.13
  • 1024MB RAM



TechTool Pro 10 new version 10.1.1

Application Systems announces the availability of the new version 10.1.1 of TechTool Pro 10 (download) for the Mac. The new version can be downloaded from:

New Features include:
- Fixed Battery Check test crash during application launch.
- Fixed an issue in which Volume Rebuild would fail during Rechecking Structures.
- Fixed an issue with rebuilding a volume that was already unmounted.
- Fixed issues encountered in the Surface Scan test when testing volumes connected via Target Disk mode.
- Fix for a situation in which RAM Disks would display in devices lists when booted from a TechTool Protogo device.
- Enhanced detection of iOS devices via Wi-Fi and physical USB connections for the Battery Check test.
- Added Mount/Unmount Volume button to the Volume Structures test.
- Added battery state for iOS devices in the Battery Check test.
- Added battery manufacturer information in the Battery Check test.
- Added Tooltip information for Battery Check test.
- Updated Battery Check to correctly obtain device information on an iOS device running iOS 12.
- Updated Sensors Test for MacBook Pro (2018) support.
- Updated Processor Check tool for MacBook Pro (2018) support.
- Updated SMART Check test to address an issue with active SoftRAID drivers.
- Updated 'Location:' to 'Assembled in:' for the Check Computer configuration panel to avoid confusion.
- Updated the Local Network tool for recognition of new Bonjour service types.
- Updated English, French, German and Japanese versions of the TechTool Pro 10 PDF manual.
- Updated French, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified) localization.
- Updated Sparkle framework to version 1.20.0.
- Updated location and computer identification strings for Check Computer.
- Other minor fixes and corrections.


TechTool Pro 10 is shipping

The English version of TechTool Pro 10 (download) for the Mac is shipping.


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