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Café International for Android: £2.69
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Café International 2 (Mac/Win): £4.99


System requirements:

Android 4.0 ("Ice Cream Sandwich")

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Café International Solo for Android

The strategic board game for the family.

"Café International Solo" is based on the classic board game that was elected Board Game of The Year 1989 Germany (over one million sold). It contains two full single player card game versions "Solitaire" and "Time Game", based on the same addicting rule set. "Café International" has been rated fantastic by players around the globe and was called "a great way to experience this classic "Spiel des Jahres' winner" (Game of The Year) by

Using the officially licensed caricatures from the original board game, you'll find that not every guest wants to sit next to each other in Café International. So it's up to you to keep everyone happy, by seating them at the right tables, according to their nationality and gender to score maximum points.

Every puzzle fan will simply love Café International! Although the rules are straightforward and the game is easy to play, it's sure to challenge even the most strategically gifted minds. To be awarded maximum points, you'll need to clear as many tables as possible by really thinking about where to seat your randomly chosen guest cards... says: "Gameplay is easily understood, but the strategy is deep, which should keep you coming back to this one for a while. (...) Give yourself a few games to get the hang of it."


  • Choose from Solitaire or Time Game
  • Strategically place international guests at tables to earn points
  • Playable on tablets and phones
  • Quick tutorial for an easy start
  • Help function for when you need visual clues
  • Google Play integration for worldwide high score and achievements


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