Zoo Tycoon 2 (box): £14.99 (£24.99)


System requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.2.8
  • 800MHz G4
  • 256MB RAM
  • 32MB VRAM


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Zoo Tycoon 2

3D graphic game to create zoos and interact with the animals

Featuring 30 incredibly detailed animals, a dazzling array of building tools and objects, a new zoom feature, and 3D graphics that allow players to keep a closer eye on the action and craft more creative zoos, Zoo Tycoon 2 is set to crank up the excitement, challenge, and fun of building the ultimate zoo. Easy to start and easy to play, Zoo Tycoon 2 gets you up close and interacting with the animals and zoo, offering intuitive controls and fun tutorials that allow players of all ages to enjoy the game right out of the box. From the start, you'll be immersed in the zoo experience with new features including the Zoo Guest mode, in which you can walk around and enjoy the game like visitors on a day at the zoo; Zookeeper mode, which allows you to interact with your animals as never before; and a new Photo mode, which lets you snap pictures of your favorite animals and guests and share them with friends.


  • Sequel to award-winning Zoo Tycoon; new, immersive 1st-person views
  • Get closer to the action with all-new Zootopia functionality and enhanced 3D graphics.
  • Features more than 300 hundred building objects.
  • New gameplay scenarios in Campaign and Freeform modes.
  • Camera mode to take pictures of your prized animals and favorite guests to share online with friends.
  • Downloadable content
  • Zoopedia features all types of entertaining and interesting facts about animals
  • Design and manage the zoo of your dreams in this exciting game
  • Complete challenging games; build impressive exhibits; adopt amazing animals
  • Variety of modes including Zookeeper, Guest, and Photo Safari
  • Test skills to maximize guest satisfaction, animal happiness, and profits


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