AMG Expansion Pack for Logic (Box): £69.99


System requirements:

  • DVD drive
  • Mac OS X 10.2.6
  • Mac OS 8.1
  • G4
  • 3.5GB HDD

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AMG Expansion Pack for Logic

3200 Professional Apple Loops for Logic, Garageband and more

Get your hands on the sounds the Pros use for the first time in these huge, affordable collections of inspirational samples that will give your productions that vital edge!

TOP PRODUCERS - Features many of AMG's legendary stable of Internationally-acclaimed producers including dance music pioneers Coldcut, hip hop guru Lukecage, go-to drummers Tony Mason and Neil Conti, master percussionists Danny Cummings & Miles Bould and sound innovators Terminalhead, Simeon & Junebug.
WIDE SELECTION OF APPLE LOOPS - A massive 3200+ Apple Loops - over 3.35 gigs in all! Many taken from AMG's massive archive of Apple Loops but almost 1000 exclusively available here!
PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - Each Apple Loop has been handcrafted by a professional
INSTANT CONTROL OF TEMPO & PITCH - Whatever tempo or key you need is no longer a problem! The Apple Loop format allows you to can tempo and pitch automatically.
RAPID SAMPLE LOCATION - Each Apple Loop has been tagged so you can quickly search for the sounds you need using Logic's Apple Loop Browser.
ALREADY PROFESSIONALLY ACCLAIMED! - The featured libraries are all 'go to' solutions for the Pros and have been given countless rave reviews all over the World...


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