FotoMagico 6 - One-Year-Subscription (download) 1M: £6.99
FotoMagico 6 - One-Year-Subscription (download): £82.99


System requirements:

  • MacOS 10.15
  • macOS 11



FotoMagico 6 new version 6.4.3

Application Systems announces the availability of the new version 6.4.3 of FotoMagico 6 for the Mac. The new version can be downloaded from:

New Features include:
• Fix: Software Update should work correctly again.
• Fix: Various operations that relied on image or video size to calculate correct layout, were broken in 6.4.2. These issues have been fixed.
• New: Added a checkbox to Settings that let's you start fullscreen playback from the beginning of the slideshow, instead of the current playhead position.
• Fix: Route head icons of a map layer are now displayed in the correct location, even if a route segment is customized.
• Fix: Added a Restore Purchases button in the App Store version of FotoMagico to fix cases of missing license files.
• Fix: Purchasing a subscription in the App Store version of FotoMagico now works again.
• Fix: Use count badges in the modern media browser now work for Lightroom Classic.
• Added a "Reveal in Slideshow" command for used media files in the media browser.
• Audio volume in shared slideshows is no longer affected by the setting of the master volume slider.
• Automatic scrolling when getting close to the left or right edges of the Storyboard now works better.
• Matching slide durations to audio now works correctly, even if some slides are locked and cannot not be modified.
• The media browser is now correctly updated when folders are renamed in the Finder.
• Thumbnail loading in the media browser is now more robust. Missing thumbnails are reloaded when scrolling the browser.
• The audio browser now also displays the green use count badges, like the image or video browser does.
• Audio track duration warnings in the Timeline are now more precise.
• Video layers with vertical video (e.g. from cell phones) now behave correctly when adding a mask.
• Potential stuttering during playback of video layers has been fixed.
• Previews for slides with video layers are now rendered correctly.
• Cursors in the Timeline are displayed correctly again when running on macOS Ventura.
• Internal stability improvements.


FotoMagico 6 new version 6.4

Application Systems announces the availability of the new version 6.4 of FotoMagico 6 for the Mac.

New Features include:
- New: Added a Key & Fill video source. (Studio license required)
- New: Added Panorama 360 layer. Interactive controlable.
- Enhancement: Added some API parameters to several sources to be able to remotely change their content.
- Fixed: In manual mode the Slideshow layer didn’t switched itself off.
- Fixed: Certain video device sources have shown vertical stripes.


FotoMagico 6 new version 6.3

Application Systems announces the availability of the new version 6.3 of FotoMagico 6 for the Mac. The new version can be downloaded from:

New Features include:
- New: FotoMagico 6.3 is compatible with macOS Ventura.
- New: Introducing route head icons for animated routes on map layers.
- New: Introducing custom map layers with user-loadable images.
- New: Added new styling options for route waypoints in map layers.
- New: Added the option to reduce opacity of a travel route for certain sections to achieve special effects like occlusion (e.g. by buildings on a 3D map or custom map images).
- New: Added the option to endlessly loop a chapter. This is useful for an intro chapter, while the audience is being seated, or a credits chapter when everybody is leaving again.
- New: Introducing playback variants for a slideshow. Using different playback variants for each chapter, you can create long and short versions within a single slideshow document, e.g. a full show and a short trailer.
- New: "Save Snippet" now offers the option to save only the selected slides, instead of the whole slideshow.
- Fix: Starting playback close to the end of very long slideshows is now more robust and no longer leads to the slideshow getting stuck.
- Fix: Using snippets with locked layers now works correctly when inserting into a slideshow with a different stage format.
- Fix: Rendered slide previews are now more accurate (depicting the correct time).
- Fix: Toolbar buttons (and other controls) are no longer disabled after sharing a slideshow.
- Fix: The animated setting of slides is now correctly remembered when creating new slides.
- Fix: Downloading your FotoMagico license from Boinx Connect is now more reliable.
- Fix: Internal stabilty improvements.


FotoMagico 6 new version 6.2.2

Application Systems announces the availability of the new version 6.2.2 of FotoMagico 6 for the Mac. The new version can be downloaded from:

New Features include:
• Enhancement: The template list in the New Document window is now oranized better.
• Enhancement: Added the option to update media paths in several media sources via HTTP API.
• Enhancement: Output Destinations now use the original frame rate and resolution of the source selected as Video.
• Fixed: Frame rate dropped to 1 fps for the internal Facetime camera when switched to portrait mode.
• Fixed: In many places in mimoLive there were wrong colors (video filters, Syphon input/output, several sources)
• Fixed: Color and luminance is now much more accurate in video filters, layers, sources and output destinations.
• Fixed: Background removal filter: A transparent background image produced pixel garbage and YUV video input caused a crash.
• Fixed: Copy/Paste Layer Attribute Groups with fonts size/color didn’t work.
• Fixed: Copy/Paste Layer Properties didn’t use ASCII format on macOS 12 Monterey.
• Fixed: An alert about “macOS denied camera access” was shown multiple times for a specific device.
• Fixed: The FFmpeg source had a memory leak when shown as video preview on a Remote Control Surface.
• Fixed: HTTP API responses for output values of layer variants were wrong.
• Fixed: Twitch account management and streaming endpoints were broken.
• Fixed: mimoLive would crash when using a wrongly formatted URL to update layer content via the HTTP API.
• Fixed: mimoLive would crash when clicking on the advanced settings button of a movie source if the movie source file couldn’t be located.
• Fixed: Crash when loading a document containing a Web Browser source with cropping parameters.
• Fixed: mimoLive crashed if a legacy mimoCall client changed camera resolution or video aspect ratio.
• Fixed: Advanced movie setting (trim movie) couldn’t be opened for just yet imported movie files. (Bug introduced in beta 1)
• Fixed: Audio Output Destination device popup didn’t reflect the selected device.


FotoMagico 6 new version 6.1.1

Application Systems announces the availability of the new version 6.1.1 of FotoMagico 6 for the Mac. The new version can be downloaded from:

New Features include:
• Added new text placeholder tokens for automatic image credits.
• Sharing slideshows on Macs with M1 Pro or M1 Max processors is now significantly faster.
• Sharing a ProRes video now actually uses the choses ProRes codec instead of H264.
• Colors of video layers are now more accurate.
• Eliminated spinning beachball during prepare phase of sharing a slideshow.
• PNG Image layers with “exotic” bit-depths are now rendered correctly when sharing the slideshow.
• Setting layer zoom values to 0% no longer leads to a crash.
• Fixed a crash when dragging incompatible or corrupted video files to the Storyboard.
• Eliminated occasional crashes during slideshow authoring.
• Dragging the left or right edges of an audio track in Storyboard view is now more reliable.
• Internal stability improvements.


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