Lamplight City new version 1.10

Application Systems announces the availability of the new version 1.10 of Lamplight City (download) for Mac/PC/Linux. The new version can be downloaded from:

New Features include:
Go behind the scenes of the game with the Lamplight City team.
Update adds nearly 2 hours of behind the scenes commentary from developer and artist Francisco Gonzalez, narrative consultant/editor Jess Haskins, and composer Mark Benis.


Lamplight City is shipping

The English version of Lamplight City for Mac/PC/Linux is available.


Lamplight City coming soon

Application Systems announces Lamplight City for PC and Mac. The game is currently being developed by Grundslav Games and aimed for a release in Q2/2018.
Grundislav Games have previously developed critically acclaimed adventure games such as Shardlight and A Golden Wake.


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