OmniGraffle Standard | OmniGraffle Pro




Document syncing
Sync documents with OmniPresence

Graphviz Layout Engine
For making the best graphs

Artistic Fills
Get a good look for shapes, quickly

Bézier lines & shapes
Custom-curve all your lines

Mini Inspectors
The most-used inspectors, always there

Custom stencils
Create and save your own commonly-used stencils

Custom templates
Great for the weekly workflow diagrams

Custom diagram
styles Keep your style the same from the start, or apply one later

Outline view
Easily brainstorm with a familiar outline -- import OmniOutliner documents, too

Manual Guides
Set manual guides at your own volition to help place objects

Multi-page documents
Print a 150-sheet poster, if you'd like

Multi-canvas documents
Store all of the project-materials in one document

Multi-layer documents
Layers, all the way down

Unit Scaling
Do 10 pixels equal an inch?

Path-following Text
Text that follows a path: on, above, or below a line

Share your documents in a myriad of image formats

Automatic Layout
Beautiful graphs with minimal (see also: 'no') work

Smart Guides
Get instant proximity and size feedback

Shared Layers
Share content between canvases with a click

Non-destructive shape combinations
Edit combined shapes long after

Notes & Custom Data
Set key/value pairs on objects

Rows and columns of objects, all starting from one shape

Multiple editing windows
Zoom to 6400% on one, see realtime changes on the other

Subgraph Support
Group and collapse groups of objects, easily

Xcode Import
Create useful diagrams of inheritance, protocol, and category relationships

Resolution-independent Display Scaling
When zoom is at 100%, match a screen pixel, Apple point, or PostScript point

Presentation Mode
A chromeless window with support for actions

Pro export options
Export to all Standard formats, plus SVG, and Photoshop with layers

Object-Geometry controls
Specify X and Y coordinates to any point on an object

Visio® Support
Import .vsd, .vdx, .vst, .vtx, .vss, and .vsx formats; export to Visio® XML

AppleScript & Actions support
Add clickable Actions to shapes; automate with AppleScript


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