OmniGraffle 7

What's new in version 7?

Point Editor Tool

Immediate access to each and every point on each and every shape. For Pro users, any adjustment will automatically convert it to a Bézier shape.

The Infinite Canvas

An infinitely expanding canvas -- never worry about adding width or height and moving everything down and to the right again. The canvas grows in any direction.

Artboards & Artboard Layers [PRO]

Work faster than ever with artboards. They're great for organizing and setting up advanced, exportable elements, and uniquely alter interactions with elements above them.

Convert Text to Shapes [PRO]

The power to edit character shapes without firing up the font editor. Convert any text to Bézier-handled objects.

Convert Line to Shape [PRO]

You've always needed it, but never knew how much. Turn a line's stroke into a shape with easily editable Bézier points.

Keyboard Shortcut Sets

Make OmniGraffle yours -- customize every menu bar command and tool, or choose from industry standard configurations you prefer.

Basic SVG Import

Yes, finally! It's been a long time coming, but we couldn't wait any longer to build in SVG import.

The New Export Panel

It's incredibly easy to go from multi-canvas documents to perfectly named and sorted assets--in multiple resolutions--in just a few steps. Batch export. Expand to fill a set size. Preview exports.

The Unified Sidebar

Layers share space with objects, groups, and canvases. Plus, quick access to a whole lot of relevant actions, double-click to rename anything, and expandable groups.

And even more to try right now: Improved Inspectors. Quickly measure distances between shapes. Better everything.


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