Pixelmator 1.5 Spider

New Features in Pixelmator 1.5 Spider.

Save for Web

Send To (Mail and iPhoto)

Web Colors Plug-in

Easily prepare your images for the Web by optimizing the image, either entire or slice by slice, using the powerful Slice tool.

Use to attach your Pixelmator image quickly and simply to an email message or to send it to your iPhoto Library.

Use the Web Colors Plug-in to quickly select and copy hexadecimal color to your HTML or CSS applications.

Info Labels


Snow Leopard Support

Info labels show useful information about the tool in use, such as tolerance, angle, size, coordinates, etc.

Crop an image by trimming the surrounding transparent pixels or background pixels of the color you specify.

Enjoy Pixelmator as it runs smoothly on the world's most advanced operating system - Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

For more information about new features, improvements, and corrected bugs, view the complete release notes.


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