New in X-Plane 10

A complete listing of new features can be found here.

Mega-scenery engine

X-Plane 10 has a plausible, scalable, dynamic world with real-world roads, built-up airports, richly detailed neighborhoods, towns and cities.

Speech-based Air Traffic Control system

The new ATC will control all of the planes in the sky, including yours, to deliver incredible ATC realism. Using pre-recorded audio files, you will hear the controller giving instructions to the other planes, and see them following those instructions on your TCAS and out the window. The other planes will all take-off, land, taxi, stop on the ramp, miss approaches and do touch-n-goes, all while taking commands from ATC, all of which are audible on your radio.

New aircraft physics

Incredible new aircraft physics with flexible wing modeling enables a new level of realism.

New Camera Control System

Fewer types of views and fewer commands, but much more control over the camera - this enables you to make amazing movies.

New Weather System

See clouds with unprecedented clarity and amazing frame rates.

Object-Oriented Redesign

X-Plane has been gradually broken down into objects for some years now, with version 10 we are really making it all object-oriented internally, and combined with the multiple-threading, the results are impressive frame-rates and fewer bugs.


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