A FotoMagico show turns your images into more than just a collection of photographs. Your show is a new performance, a connected story that adds to the worth of your work.

You can repurpose your images and movies in different ways to offer new value for your clients.

How do you reach your audience best? FotoMagico offers many export options to choose from. Every one of them provides photographers a unique opportunity to go beyond the traditional imaging services and to create new sources of income.

The Sharing Assistant guides you step by step through all necessary settings to create slideshows optimized for different media types and devices of the digital age.

Standalone Player

Creates a Standalone Player application that can be played on any Mac with Mac OS X 10.5 or above (FotoMagico Pro only). The best way to share high-res images with anybody using a Mac.

You can distribute standalone shows on DVD or as downloads from your server. And it protects your valuable work against unauthorized copying too.


Creates a movie that can be burned to a DVD using iDVD or Toast and can be played on every DVD player.

Think about providing a DVD hand-out with low-res pictures as an additional service - your client will appreciate it.

iPhone, iPad and iPod

Optimized for the better video capabilities and the bigger screen of modern iPads and iPhones.

The size of the display makes it a practical presentation device if you visit clients and want to show them examples of your latest work. Includes presets up to the iPhone 5 and the new iPad (3).


This will produce an optimized H.264 based QuickTime movie that will be uploaded to YouTube to reach a global audience.

Can be viewed with every browser with Adobe Flash plug-in. Video encoding can be accelerated with the Turbo.264 HD Encoder/Accelarator from Elgato.

Apple TV

Creates a movie that uses the full capabilities of your Apple TV, including HDTV 1080p. Navigate through your show with the Apple Remote. Your movie will also be added to iTunes for syncing.

QuickTime Movie

Produces a H.264 based HD movie, ready to be played on a high resolution TV, with up to full 1080p with 1920 by 1080 pixels resolution.

If there is someone you need to impress, this should be your choice - mind-boggling show-reels or polished product presentations - everything your client is dreaming of.FotoMagico gives you access to all the detailed compression settings. Here you can also really fine tune all aspects and even create individual presets for future use.

You can tailor the output as you wish, but because this is used by experts in the field, you need to really know (or learn) what you are doing...


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