Every good video game needs characters (except for Tetris and several other examples). The world of Nelly Cootalot is populated with cut-throat buccaneers, greedy aristocrats and cute but endangered birds. Here are a few of them:

Nelly Cootalot

“What's the Treasure of the Seventh Sea?”

Nelly is a swashbuckling young pirate, and saviour of small cuddly animals. Nelly solves problems with wit, cunning and theft. She could definitely beat you in a fight, but her cutlass is at the dry cleaners right now.


“Sebastian J. Coot at your service, miss Cootalot.”

This dapper and debonair coot used to be the feathered familiar of William Bloodbeard, but now he assists Nelly Cootalot in her perilous adventures. (Mainly in an advisory role, he doesn't actually carry any of the stuff.)

William Bloodbeard

“I haven't got long, I'm supposed to be haunting a family in New England.”

Nelly's ghostly mentor, Bloodbeard returns from Davey Jones's Locker to send her on quests. In his day, he was a fearsome buccanneer and the protector of all creatures small and adorable. His lifelong rivalry with Baron Widebeard ended when his ship was lost in the Seventh Sea.

Baron Widebeard & the Baroness

“I'll have you know this is an award-winning beard!”

Handsome, charming, talented. These are just some of the words used to describe Baron Widebeard, by Baron Widebeard. Other people will tell you he's a ruthless, bitter, serial bird-knapper. The Baroness is the driving force behind her husband's wicked schemes. Vain and ambitious, she's like Lady Macbeth if Lady Macbeth liked leopard print bikinis.

Harbour Master Van Zandt

“I don't allow loose cannons in my harbour.”

The pitiless Groat Island Harbour Master strikes fear into the hearts of honest pirates. Van Zandt runs a ring of brutish privateers (licensed pirates) and he doesn't allow competition from enthusiastic amateurs like Nelly.

Professor Morgan

“I'm the senior lecturer in Piratical Studies at West Ham University.”

Mary Jane Morgan is compiling the Encyclopaedia Piratannica. One of the South Seas's leading intellectuals, she is an expert in pirate history and nautical lore. She knows so much about pirates, you might think she was hiding something...


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