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A very clever game

"I have the card game version of this, so am happy to be able to now play this solo. Still playing on the lowest AI, as it is quite challenging. (...) I hope that others check this out and are able to have some fun with it."
Posted by longago on Thursday, August 02 2012 - App Store USA 

Nice Surprise

"I had never heard of this and was a little hesitant to buy it at $5 thinking there wasn't much to it. quite surprised, however, on how much fun i have playing it and how much time i spend figuring out what to do next! so, there's a lot more than meets the eye and it's no pushover! highly recommend for some quick fun!"
Posted by devxx on Thursday, August 02 2012 - App Store USA 

What a nice card game

"I love this card game, especially the new variation of open cards. Can't wait for the multiplayer part in Game center ;-)
Continue the great work"
Wolfixx on Sunday, September 09 2012 - App Store Australia 

Awesome game, very addictive

"(...) If you like card games or board games with lots of strategy and tactics you will love this. (...) It's also universal so the graphics look great on iPhone and Retina iPad!!"
Posted by Dazzer01 on Wednesday, August 01 2012 - App Store UK 

A solid port of a classic game!

"I love how this game can be a competitive board game just as easily as a single player scored puzzle. The rules are really simple, you need to keep the male and female ratio relatively even (no table can ever have 3+ males or females) and the patrons have to match the nationality of one of the tables they're placed next to. The big points come from placing patrons in such a way that two or more tables are completed (have 4 people sitting at it) by the placement of a single patron or managing to surround a table completle with only people of the table's nationality."
Posted by Lord Gek on Sunday, August 05 2012 - App Store USA 


"Amazing game, a lot of fun, very addicting"
Posted by Tslice23 on Sunday, August 05 2012 - App Store Canada 

Great strategy game!

"Fantastic game that's highly addictive! It's really challenging (in a good way), so I can't see me getting bored with it anytime soon. In fact, I can see hours (days, weeks, years...) of gameplay ahead, so well worth the investment."
Posted by Alibobkins on Friday, August 03 2012 - App Store UK 

Cafe International

"Great game! Totally addictive and gets everyone playing!!"
Posted by CERT99 on Saturday, August 04 2012 - App Store UK 


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