New in version 3

OmniPlan 3 for Mac--the most advanced way to plan projects, manage resources, and impress bosses.

Multi-Project Dashboard

Here's where you put together a beautiful, personal command station for a set of projects. The focus here is on resource load and easy-to-understand visuals.

Publish & Subscribe

Bring in teammates' calendars to avoid overscheduling. Publish a report on save. Share with a team. And so much more.

Catch Up

Have an all-hands meeting and everything going as planned? One button to update progress across the board.

Monte Carlo Simulation

Two clicks for a much better understanding of your project's finishability! OmniPlan does quick math and predicts the future.

Network Diagrams

An incredibly easy way to visualize a project's flow, dependencies, and tasks. All completely customizable, too.

Earned Value Analysis

Using built-in EVA formulas, you'll always know if the money going in to a project is producing the expected results. And we've already checked the math.

Microsoft Project Import/Export

Play it safe with compatibility with the other popular format for project management. OmniPlan 3 makes importing and exporting easy across platforms.


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