OmniOutline 4

New in Version 4

Introducing OmniPlan 4

Powerful project management

New features and interface refinements: project assistant, recurring and manually scheduled tasks, interval cost and effort tracking, and more.

Make complicated projects manageable

OmniPlan 4 gives you the power to monitor interval and effort tracking, customize resources, and continuously improve your processes.

Powerful planning

Manage complexity

See the full picture

Introducing three new built-in templates: Standard Project, Standard Project (Styled), and Simple Project.

Keep things running smoothly

Set up projects, manually schedule start and end dates for tasks, and discover more functionality with the project assistant.

Need to manage multiple projects? No problem.

Multi-project dashboards allow you to see the big picture across your project portfolio.

Manage simple or complex projects—all at a glance.

Coordinate people

Make it all work, together

Manage the whole team

Pull in your team’s calendars to avoid scheduling conflicts and blockers.

Track your progress with power

Setting multiple baselines allows you to compare how your project is tracking to the original plan.

Focus on what matters

Highlight the important tasks that directly influence the completion date of your project.

View, edit, and organize your projects from start to finish.

Continuous improvement

Evolve your process

Prepare for anything

Monte Carlo simulation evaluates hundreds of potential outcomes with a single click.

Never double-book your team

OmniPlan marks scheduling violations and suggests ways to fix them.

Focus on moving the needle

Critical paths highlight the tasks that will keep your project on track and move you toward the finish line, making prioritization intuitive and data-driven.

Get an objective view of your project health

Use OmniPlan’s built-in Earned Value Analysis formulas to get a grasp on budget and value by setting a baseline and tracking progress.


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